Econic clay

The raw materials are common red / yellow / white mud, crushed stone, sand, fly ash, cement waste, slag and other inorganic substances. The powder was collected and comminuted into micro powder. Then, the same color of non active inorganic powder and active inorganic powder are mixed according to a certain proportion, and the particles are modified by specific surfactant, so that each particle is coated with a specific active substance, and the network is multiple closed, and the environmental protection activated soil is born. This kind of activated powder derived from clay is named "econic clay" in English speaking countries& nbsp; The Chinese industry standard named "environmental protection activated soil" is "modified clay"

Different organic-inorganic hybrid materials (with PPT pictures) can be derived from the hybridization of environmental active soil with different organic polymers. Therefore, it has plasticity. Its products can be as hard as stone, as tough as rattan, or as soft as skin. The derived products retain all the superior properties of soil and mineral, such as breathing, indoor temperature / humidity regulation, moisture resistance, color fastness in the sun, fire prevention and sustainability.

Industrial products generally age and fade in sunlight and rain water, especially plastic products and general coatings. The products derived from organic-inorganic hybrid materials of environmental protection activated soil have incubation procedures. When the polymer in the products is aging, the activated soil also absorbs enough water and is activated and formed synchronously, so that the two products can achieve life alternation and last forever.

As a basic material, environmental protection activated soil will generate more new materials, which provides unlimited possibilities for material innovation in the fields of architecture, sports floor, leather, furniture, automobile, 3D printing materials, etc.

The econic clay basic material has more than 300 domestic and foreign invention patents. It won the 2013 Bronze Award of the Paris Invention Expo, the 2019 Asia International Innovation and Invention Award, and the 2019 National Science and Technology New Material Innovation Competition Excellent Project Award. National strategic emerging industry projects.

Mark Pelzer, a famous German expert, commented: "this is not a new material, this is how we want to live in future."

Econic Clay Advantages

Econic clay has stronger ionic bonds and mixed bonds than metal bonds and pure covalent bonds in the crystal structure. The unique high bond energy and high bond strength of this chemical bond endow the material with basic properties such as flexibility, high melting point, corrosion resistance, and good oxidation resistance. At the same time, it has two molding modes: molded parts and cast molded parts. Compared with the thermosetting plastic process, the molded parts of environmentally friendly activated soil materials have obvious environmental protection and cost advantages. Compared with cement products, casted parts have the advantages of longer empty period of process paddles, more refined products and flexibility.

Environmental active soil ecological environment materials

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