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Econic Clay
Hundreds of billions
Industrial Ecological Alliance

Phomi has been operating and managing 11 differentiated and diversified subsidiaries/joint ventures in different industries. It is also committed to uniting organizations and enterprises in various fields to jointly build a supply-research-production-sales emerging industry ecological chain. Create a local tens of billions of industrial ecosystems.


Our partners can cover government and real estate, automobiles, leather goods, sports, home furnishings, semiconductors, daily necessities, military industry and other industry enterprises or commercial individuals.


We hope to share with our franchise partners our standardized intelligent manufacturing, as well as the global market network and industrial scientific research platform of Phomi, so as to build global channels and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

MCM Building Materials Industry
MCM Building Materials Industry
The MCM derived from MC integrates the dual advantages of natural ecology and economy, provides sustainability for design and architecture, and makes architects and interior designers the pioneers of design. At the same time, it combines cutting-edge design in a warm and simple way. From the extreme cold region to the tropics, from the city to the island, all have undergone market practical application tests. We hope that MCM will become the star of sustainable building materials in the field of interior and exterior design in the near future.
MCS Sports Flooring Industry
MCS Sports Flooring Industry
The inorganic components in the econic clay are inherently anti-ultraviolet and resistant to climate change, making the elastic function unique and super durable; the organic component is a water-soluble polymer polymer, and the MC sports floor is superb Refined, tasteless and non-toxic.
MCR City Road
MCR City Road
The inherent superior compression resistance, impact resistance, crack resistance, shock resistance, non-slip and controllable flexibility of MC material are exactly what urban road paving needs. It is suitable for replacing cement reinforced asphalt as road paving, regardless of How much market share it will occupy in the future will become the most loyal scavenger of carbon emissions and smog on the planet.
MCV Automotive Industry
MCV Automotive Industry
The interior material made of econic clay makes the interior of the car fresh and tasteless, making people feel like being in a natural ecology. Innovative products of the body refitting series made of environmentally friendly activated soil have overturned the concept of body spraying, expressing beyond imagination. The test data of the prototype car indicates the unlimited possibilities of MC cars in the future.
MCL Leather Industry
MCL Leather Industry
The leather made of econic clay,which is applied to the fields of luggage, furniture, clothing, etc., conforming to the international 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). We hope that MCL leather products will be favored by consumers in the future.
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